Rockpack is a simple solution for creating React Application with Server Side Rendering, bundling, linting, testing, logging, localizing.

The main goal is to reduce project setup time from weeks to 5 minutes.

Getting Started

  • Beginners. With the help of Rockpack, any newbie to React can deploy a project of any complexity in a few minutes, with configured webpack, eslint, jest, etc. Applications can be either regular Single Page or with a project structure, Server Side Render, etc.

  • Large projects from scratch. Rockpack supports most of the webpack best practices configurations, eslint rules, jest, typescript and will work great even on large projects

  • Startup. If you need to quickly check an idea without wasting time on unfolding and setting up the project.

  • Library or React component. If you want to write a UMD library or React component, with support for the esm/cjs build as well as the minified version.

Fast Setup

The easiest way to start is using @rockpack/starter module. This module can help you to create the backbone of an application. It supports different types of applications:

  • Simple Single Page application
  • Server-Side Render
  • Server-Side Render + Redux + Thunk + React-Router + project structure
  • UMD library or React Component

1. Installation:

npm i @rockpack/starter -g

2. Creating an App:

rockpack <project name>

3. Select the type of application, select the required modules:

Rockpack CLI
License MIT, 2022